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‘A Head Full of Dreams’

One of my favourite pastimes – planning all the new annuals and veg I’m going to grow this year. It’s optimum daydreaming time, especially with the bad weather outside. This year I’m maxing out on flowers as we have a few significant birthdays in our household this year so there will be lots of family gatherings and parties in the summer and I want the garden to look it’s best.

Along with seeds to order are summer flowering bulbs such as dahlias and gladioli – get your order in now if you want to be sure of getting the varieties you need. I’m definitely going to be ordering Dahlia ‘Fhurka’ this year – I love its spiky petals and bright, green centre

To be getting on with immediately is sowing sweet peas – they like a long root run so it’s really easy to make up individual pots out of toilet roll centres or rolled up newspaper tubes. Pack them tightly into a tray so they don’t fall over and pop into a sheltered cold frame to germinate.

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