Revamp your Borders (2)

Clipped evergreens provide great structure and year-round interest, creating a contrast to blowsy summer perennials, and also distracting from less well cared for areas. But don't rush in and get a couple of box balls, Buxus semperivens – there are a myriad of different options, including good alternatives to box if blight is a problem in your area. Ilex crenata or Hebe rakaiensis can be clipped to create rounded evergreen balls or domes similar to box or yew. For somethi

Marlborough Living

I spent a lovely hour a few weeks ago talking to the people at Marlborough Living magazine about gardening & garden design. If you've got a moment to spare do check the article out. #marlboroughliving #gardendesign #gardening

‘A Head Full of Dreams’

One of my favourite pastimes – planning all the new annuals and veg I’m going to grow this year. It’s optimum daydreaming time, especially with the bad weather outside. This year I’m maxing out on flowers as we have a few significant birthdays in our household this year so there will be lots of family gatherings and parties in the summer and I want the garden to look it’s best. Along with seeds to order are summer flowering bulbs such as dahlias and gladioli – get your order


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