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Parched Plants

It’s now getting really busy in the garden; jobs are piling up and there doesn’t seem to be much time to sit back and admire the effort you’ve put in.

Watering pots and grow-bags is now a regular feature of my day. I always try to water in the late evening so that it has a chance to soak the roots before evaporating away in the heat of the day. It’s better to give your pots a good soak every 2-3 days, rather than a daily sprinkle of water, to encourage the roots to grow downwards into the pot rather than staying at the top. Keep an eye on any recently planted shrubs & perennials - these will be the first to suffer if there is no rainfall for a few days. If you have hydrangeas in your garden these will give you a good indication when to water your borders – they will start to droop before most other plants.

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