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Longer days in the garden

With the longer days comes more work in the garden. The lawn will start to need regular cutting from now so start with a high blade for the first few cuts. Giving the lawn a rake to remove thatch and dead moss this month and, once the lawn is actively growling, a dressing of fertiliser, will give you a healthier lawn for the summer. Make any repairs caused by over-flowing planting or crumbling soil now while the lawn has a chance to recover. But if there's no time for mowing one of the easiest ways to make a garden look tidy is to neaten up the lawn edges.

It's also time to prune dogwoods and shrubby willows. As the garden comes back into life the colour and interest they provide is no longer needed. These shrubs give there best stem colour on one years growth so cut hard down to about 2 buds of last years growth to from a stubby framework.

Photo by Naomi David on Unsplash

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