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DIY Garden Project

A couple of my terracotta pots were blown by the frost this winter and the rims cracked off; I was going to break them up for crocks but with time on my hands I wondered if they could be given a second chance.

I found some old paint, one interior emulsion and the other exterior eggshell, lurking at the back of the shed. Both have come out looking fine, it was very quick and gave pretty good results. The emulsion went on the easiest – but was also the drippiest but I wasn’t going for perfection!

The one thing I hadn’t though about was what to put in the pots once finished. With nothing planned I dug up some Cat mint (Nepeta faassenii) & Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla mollis) seedlings that had self-sown themselves in the gravel path.

All looking quite happy now and, once filled out, will cover up the rough edges of the pots and the drippy paint! I’ll post again with the final result!

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