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Cheap Gardening

What a glorious weekend of sunshine! I was out in the garden all afternoon, potting up, sowing seeds and sorting out pots for the summer.

If you’re thinking of doing a spot of gardening for the first time but are limited on space or cash take a look at the vertical wall garden trend. There are lots of ways to do it but I think the easiest at the moment would be to use tin can, some nails and a spot of spray paint for colour.

Use a variety of washed out tin cans, different sizes if possible, and pierce the bottom of them to make drainage holes. Also add 1 hole near the top so that you can hang the tin on the wall. Fill with compost, sow seeds or plant seedlings – you can even use potted herbs from supermarkets for instant lushness. Hang the cans on a sunny wall and use as many as possible for maximum effect.

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