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Bulb Aftercare

The season for spring bulbs is coming to an end, but looking after them does not. If you want to guarantee a good display from your bulbs next year the next few weeks is critical. Leave the foliage intact and continue watering and, crucially, feeding them to encourage the development of the flower bud within the bulb for next year.

For the next six weeks or so, carry on removing the remaining flower heads so that the plant puts it energy back into the bulb and not into forming seeds. Then feed with a general fertilizer, which can sprinkled around the bulbs or, if easier, a high potassium feed such as Tomorite can be watered into pots.

And if you're not keen on the messy, yellowing, foliage you can dig up the bulbs and heel into a trench where they are less conspicuous. They still need to be fed and watered though, and remember to label them!

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