Revamp your Borders (2)

Clipped evergreens provide great structure and year-round interest, creating a contrast to blowsy summer perennials, and also distracting from less well cared for areas. But don't rush in and get a couple of box balls, Buxus semperivens – there are a myriad of different options, including good alternatives to box if blight is a problem in your area. Ilex crenata or Hebe rakaiensis can be clipped to create rounded evergreen balls or domes similar to box or yew. For somethi

Essential Tools for Beginners

I was asked to contribute to the Daily Express Online feature recommending the best essential tools for gardening beginners. Follow the link below to read my article #gardening #beginnersguide #gardentools #growyourown #nationalgardenday #gardenadvice #lemeiux #niwakl #burgeonandball #kentandstowe

Winter Haven

Create a haven for wildlife in your garden this November. It can be quite simple - no need to buy bug hotels or construct bamboo bee houses - simply use the prunings and clippings of shrubby material to create a dry wildlife stack, out of the way, such as behind a shed or at the back of a border. Any clippings can be used and the pile added to throughout autumn. Keep mature ivy where possible as the flowers provide a fantastic source of nectar and pollen for late-flying inse

Marlborough Living

I spent a lovely hour a few weeks ago talking to the people at Marlborough Living magazine about gardening & garden design. If you've got a moment to spare do check the article out. #marlboroughliving #gardendesign #gardening

Unwelcome Visitor

Discovered on site this week the stuff of nightmares - Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) also known as mare's tail. This interloper has crept in from the neighboring garden so we will not be able to completely eradicate the pernicious weed unless we can get the neighbours on side. Taking a peak over the fence revealed a small colony so I think we will have to resort to regular spraying every year as the creeping rhizomes of this weed often go down to 2m making digging out virtua

Drying Summer Herbs

One of the best ways and easiest to preserve herbs from your garden is to air dry them. Of course using the fresh will always give the most flavour but there are always more than you can use in one season. The slow process of air drying helps retain the essential oils of the herbs which maintains the flavour. The best herbs for air drying are those with a low moisture content such as bay, dill, marjoram, rosemary, summer savory and thyme. An oven set on low may seem like a


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