Revamp your Borders (2)

Clipped evergreens provide great structure and year-round interest, creating a contrast to blowsy summer perennials, and also distracting from less well cared for areas. But don't rush in and get a couple of box balls, Buxus semperivens – there are a myriad of different options, including good alternatives to box if blight is a problem in your area. Ilex crenata or Hebe rakaiensis can be clipped to create rounded evergreen balls or domes similar to box or yew. For somethi

Essential Tools for Beginners

I was asked to contribute to the Daily Express Online feature recommending the best essential tools for gardening beginners. Follow the link below to read my article #gardening #beginnersguide #gardentools #growyourown #nationalgardenday #gardenadvice #lemeiux #niwakl #burgeonandball #kentandstowe


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